Established by two former senior executives from HBO Europe, with a combined Film and TV experience of 30+ years.
We bring a wealth of local and international Film and TV production experience. Situated in Bucharest. Connected to all local resources and authorities. Experienced locally, but with a long history of international work and exposure. And we are fun to work and be with.


Regardless of scale or platform we can work with you to realise your creative ambitions. Feel free to consult us for any production advice either locally or internationally

We ensure our clients projects are managed professionally from start to finish and we can turn your project into a reality, with local Romanian production experience

We strive for excellence at every level, supporting new local talent and proactively promote diversity and inclusion. Finding unique local stories can only be achieved by finding the new voices of tomorrow



We know the market and place integrity, reliability and dependability at every level


When it counts, providing transparency and proven managerial skills each step of the way


To support and nurture enables growth, we treat each project as our newborn and ensure it has the right support to evolve and grow