WE PROVIDE innovative, sustainable and cost effective LOCAL production solutions


We offer full-service film, TV and documentary, managing a project from conception to delivery

International Film and TV co-production partner

Access to top Post Production Services and Consultants, Editing, Color Grading, VFX, Sound Mixing, Materials Delivery

We collaborate with multilingual crew and International casting agencies

We are familiar with local contract laws as applied in Romania

We offer a one-stop shop for local production service support

We can also provide experience and advice shooting in other CEE regions

Production Planning, budgeting and scheduling

Set Design, Construction crews. Film equipment contracting



We can provide location scouting services and permits, showcasing the spectacular Romanian rural landscape and city locations, because we have excellent local knowledge of filming in Bucharest, as well as other areas in Romania

Travel and acommodation

Access to outstanding state of the art post production facilities

Access to state of the art studios facilities, within the city perimeter

Costs and Tax Rebate

♦ Production resource which are significantly more cost competitive than in other European markets or the UK

♦ A production service providing company allowing opportunities to take advantage of the significant tax incentives in the region

♦ European stability in terms of banking and financial transparency

♦ Movie magic budgeting and cost reporting to international requirements

♦ Transparent Cost-Reporting

♦ Insurance, accounting and legal representation


Production teams are trained in Covid safety production methodologies in keeping with EEU standards